given a product page, i need to retrieve the product url for another store. I'm trying this solution:

 Mage::getUrl('', array(
        '_current' => true,
        '_use_rewrite' => true,
        '_secure' => true,
        '_store' => 3,
        '_store_to_url' => true

but the result is that just the base url is changed, while the url key is the same. The link of course is broken. i can't use the url_rewrite model because if there is no record for a product it just returns the base url. Any idea?



Since you don't have access to URLs from the URL rewrites you'll need to add a setStoreId() when loading the product. Note, it's faster to have a URL key and query it instead of loading up the entire product Model.

$productId = 1234; 
$product = Mage::getModel('catalog/product')
            ->setStoreId(2) // set your store ID


Further reading:

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