In product listing page (catalog/product/list.phtml) the toolbar.phtml is getting called, which is for two things.

  1. For sorting option
  2. For pagination

For pagination I have called $this->getPagerHtml() in the toolbar.phtml.
I want to display the sorting option before the product list (i.e. top) and the pagination in the bottom of the list.
So how to divide it in proper way so that I can call it at any location ?

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find the bellow link this will help you.

Display Sort by option on Top and Pagination at bottom

You can achieve via css.

or another option is to get via new template

please see above link.

I hope this will help you.


I have resolve this using css.
I took a parent div and then put the sorter div and pagination div inside it.
Then By using the parent and child div class I just hide the div where necessary and show where necessary.

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