In magento Shopping cart price rules, I need to customize NO-COUPON code option in store basis.I have completed the coupon code option(Store basis) when we enter the coupon code and submit. Magento have no-coupon code option in which discount amount automatically has been applied. But I don't know how to customize NO-COUPON code option.Where can I add a condition to apply coupon code automatically only for selected stores.?

Thanks in advance.

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The event Name : salesrule_validator_process

Mage::dispatchEvent('salesrule_validator_process', array(
                        'rule'    => $rule,
                        'item'    => $item,
                        'address' => $address,
                        'quote'   => $quote,
                        'qty'     => $qty,
                        'result'  => $result,

And follow steps link here

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