Magento version: CE host: Synology DS 1515+ (DSM version: 5.2)

There are two websites, one of which has 364 products, the other has none. Recently, it takes more than two minutes for adding cart to respond from server. If I don't login as a customer, it respond very fast(when I'm a visitor).

I've enlarged memories of opcache.ini, PHP runtime, and Mariadb, there is no improvement.

I've tried to clean manually /var/cache and /var/session, it's become fast for a very short time(, then it recovers to respond slowly).

I traced with Firebug, finding out that there are totally three places responding very slowly(more than two minutes or longer): /checkout/onepage/add /checkout/onepage/saveBilling /checkout/onepage/savePayment

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It's solved.

I find out there are many items to calculate total amounts when add cart and checkout.

What takes most time is Mage_Sales_Model_Quote_Address_Total_Shipping.

I enter into Admin>System>Configuration>Sales>Shipping Methods, and disable those not required, for example, UPS, FedEx.

I's done.

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