I've successfully added attributes and attribute sets to the store I'm working on, however I'm running into trouble with creating associations between the attributes and attribute sets.

When I check an attribute set in the Magento backend, the Groups column is completely empty, and all the attributes appear to be available in the Unassigned Attributes column.

This is a sample from my csv for creating associations:

attribute_set_name  attribute_code  attribute_group_name
AC Gearmotor        FullLoadAmps    General
AC Gearmotor        MountingStyle   General
AC Gearmotor        RPM             General
AC Gearmotor        Torque          General

These are my settings in Magmi for the Attribute association import options:

*,meta_title,Meta Information
*,meta_keyword,Meta Information
*,meta_description,Meta Information
*,is_recurring,Recurring Profile
*,recurring_profile,Recurring Profile
*,gift_message_available,Gift Options

Create attribute associations from CSV which are not in database

Update attribute associations from CSV which are already in database

Which generates the following/similar error for each association which I attempt:

Attribute Set Importer v0.0.2 - Exception in update/insert loop for entity 
'attribute association' in record no 1: SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 
1452 Cannot add or update a child row: a foreign key constraint fails (`brennerf_6b6AnYRQ`.
`i2r7_eav_entity_attribute`, CONSTRAINT `FK_917A5725E0970D5A68B169EEBCDED200` 
FOREIGN KEY (`attribute_group_id`) REFERENCES `i2r7_eav_attribute_group` 

record data:Array
  [attribute_group_name] => General
  [entity_type_id] => 4
  [attribute_set_id] => 23683
  [attribute_id] => 515

original record data:Array
  [attribute_set_name] => AC Gearmotor
  [attribute_code] => FullLoadAmps
  [attribute_group_name] => General
  [entity_type_id] => 4

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Appears I had missed a step, and did not add the magmi:groups column to the attribute set import csv.

  • 1
    Ca you elaborate on what you mean?
    – johnsnails
    Jun 15, 2016 at 4:15

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