We have created tax rates in sales->Taxes->Zone&Rates with Rate Percent of xx.xx, Can we fetch this fetch this details programmatically before placing order for using it API.


Try this:

$rateCollection = Mage::getModel('tax/calculation_rate')->getCollection()
//echo '<pre>';         
 foreach($rateCollection as $rate) {
     echo 'Country => '.$rate->getTaxCountryId().' Rate Percent => '.$rate->getRate();
     echo '<br>';

Agreed with @Abdul,

I also found this another solution ,

$customer_tax_class = '5';
        $rates = $tax->load($customer_tax_class, 'customer_tax_class_id');
        $request = Mage::getSingleton('tax/calculation')->getRateRequest()->setProductClassId(2)->setCustomerClassId(5);
        echo $percent = Mage::getSingleton('tax/calculation')->getRate($request);

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