We have a card processing machine, in house.. However I am looking for a third party PCI compliant encrypted Company to save the credit card information, instead of our backend, for security purposes, and I would just feel more secure having the credit card information separate. Is this a good solution? Is this even possible?

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Speak to your current processor, they most definitely have an online solution. You would only need to either hire a developer or if they are popular enough there is probably a 3rd party module available that will integrate with Magento.

We personally do not store any client credit card numbers, only partial and expiry dates.


Your top choice would be either

  1. Autorize.net CIM

  2. Braintree

They both store the customer credit card information on there server and the only thing that you need to store is "token" that refer to the customer billing information and/or there credit card profile.

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