My site has a customer registration page and Magento sends an email to the admin of the submitted registration form. However, there are 3 customer attributes that use a dropdown to enter information, for example Country, Business size, and Industry. Currently the email displays numbers and not the drop-down selection. Please view screenshot below.

How can we have Magento send the selected choice from the dropdown. My current code is below for the 3 drop-down questions on the registration form.

Country:        {{htmlescape var=$customer.country}} 
Business Size:  {{htmlescape var=$customer.customer_type}} 
Industry:       {{htmlescape var=$customer.industry}} 

enter image description here enter image description here Thank you

  • Hi, can anyone help please? Thank you.
    – Elvis
    Commented Dec 29, 2015 at 17:39

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You can't. The functionality of templates is not big enough to achieve what you want.

Instead you can include a block like:

{block type="your/type" template="your/template/for/email.phtml" customer=$customer}

Then you can implement the logic in the block and use the customer as data source

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