Im just a newbie in Magento developer, and I'm studying a creation of an online store, that sells rings.

Each ring has 30 different sizes available and, some of them has an impact on the price. For example, the ring costs $31 in size 15. Less than 15 it costs less $5 and larger than 20 costs more $5.

Totally I have around 200 rings to put in the store.

What is the best way to do this?

Creating a configurable product where each single product is a size, will lead to create around 4000 options.

Create custom options will lead in something similar, right?

Is there any other way?

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If the rings are custom made on pre-ordering basis and you don't need stock management per option, then you should use simple products with custom options.

After adding one product with custom options you can just duplicate it and change the price, description, images or options.

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