In magento1 we can check validation like this:

var formToValidate = $('form-validate');
    var validator = new Validation(formToValidate);
    if(validator.validate()) {
        // Here we can code after validation.

but in magento2 i want to check all validation but don't want to submit form after success. so how can I perform with magento2 form?

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Try this:

require(["jquery"], function ($) {
    $(document).ready(function () {
        $('#my-button-name').click(function () { // The button type should be "button" and not submit
            if ($('#form-name').valid()) {
                alert("Validation pass");
                return false;

Hope this helps!


You can use solution where you have data-mage-init validation

    ], function($){
        $(".MYbuttonClass").on("click", function() {
           if ( $('.form-Class').validation() && $('.form-Class').validation('isValid') === true) {
                //Submit form    



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