I would like to ask, what sort of logic caused the developers of Magento to include [GLOBAL], [WEBSITE], and [STORE VIEW] scopes but not [STORE] scopes as well. Why does it make sense to exclude the [STORE] scope from the scopes appearing on the

System -> Configuration

magento admin panel page?

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I think the [STORE] does not exist as a scope because the store entity is just a way of grouping store views.
Here is a detailed explanation by Fabrizio Branca on what you can do for each scope
Off topic: Honestly I've never used that in my life. Always 'one store per website' and 'multiple store views for the same store'.

  • I agree with @Marius. Its a placeholder for store views. The label is mainly for internal use on the admin. From what I recall, its not displayed to the public in any fashion, for example emails, or on the front end for customers to see. Its a way to separate and show groups of store views in the magento admin for drop down menus, etc. Jan 6, 2016 at 20:22

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