I'm using Magento and I made a catalog price rule with a condition, so only products that belong to some manufacturer will be discounted. I activated and applied this rule but in the front-end anything happened. The promotion should start and finish today at 23:59! How can I view the changed prices in the front-end?

  • did you created manufactuer as an attribute or category? did you applied catalog price rules before? check your cron job is working or not ? did you tried reindexing once .after applying catalog price rules ? – Baby in Magento Dec 13 '15 at 13:18
  • @BabyinMagento the manufacturer is a product attribute and it's the first time that I apply a catalog price rule. The cron is working and I made the reindex after I applied the rule. – stsnow Dec 13 '15 at 13:35
  • can you check the catalog prices rules are working or not by applying rules to one test category and test product. – Baby in Magento Dec 13 '15 at 13:43
  • @BabyinMagento I just applied the rule to one product, I flushed the cache and did the reindex of products price but the discount doesn't appear. – stsnow Dec 13 '15 at 15:27
  • is it possible for you post a screenshot of catalog price rule you created in backend. – Baby in Magento Dec 13 '15 at 16:45

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