Im setting up a Magento Shop using PayPal for the first time.

Standard / Express PayPal Checkout works perfectly but only if the customer has a PayPal account. There should be a "guest checkout" option wich allows users to pay via Credit Card without creating a PayPal Account.

To activate this there should be a Checkbox inside the PayPal Configuration: "Enable PayPal Guest Checkout" but there isn't.

Im using Magento (Community)

Is there anything I have to set up before this option shows up? Or did PayPal deactivate Guest Checkout to force users to PayPal Plus?

How it should be:

How it should be

But I don't have this option:

How it is

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You have to make sure this is enabled on the PayPal side too. I'm not 100% sure if this option is available to everyone or only certain tiers, but it is found under Profile > My selling preferences > Website preferences > PayPal Account Optional.

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