As php-7 and Magento 2 has been released, i was wondering, what are the configurations and dependencies that needs to keep in mind while installing Magento 2 on php-7? What are some drawbacks and benefits of doing that?


Looks like now no problem to install Magento2 with php7, especially on linux platform

Best Benefits is performance


The only issue I've found so far is if you plan to use Memcached for your session storage. I had things plugged in and was getting a breaking error when I tried to log into the admin panel. Check out my post here for a temporary work around though.

Also, like KAnday already mentioned, the biggest thing is performance. PHP 7 has a much smaller memory footprint and is fast on par with HHVM (HipHop Virtual Machine). Check out this blog article if you want to see some benchmarks for PHP 5.6 vs HHVM vs PHP 7.

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