I am working on magento2 theming part. Here we have some predefined and my custom LESS file. Whenever we compile LESS file, it generates two css file -- styles-l.css, styles-m.css . But we do not know from which LESS file, my css is going to styles-l.css and styles-m.css. Is there any way to find out this issue? I want to see from which file (line number too) my code is coming ? Is there any way to solve these issues ? Any help is really appreciated. Currently i am doing deploy static data. It compiles all LESS files. I want to compile single LESS file.

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You have to install the Grunt for your server, check below url to setup the Grunt .


Inside the Gruntfile.js you can add the code like below example

For single File compile us the following code

files: {
          "css/main.css": "less/main.less" // destination file and source file

Compile only 1 file makes no sense.

But you can use SourceMap for your compiled CSS to see in which line & file is your sourcecode.

Enable SourceMap-Support in Chrome Browser:


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