There's 'Default' attribute set in the default Magento installation. You have no ability to remove that attribute set using admin gui (Remove button is hidden for this set). I did not found something like system flag or other singularities for this set in eav_attribute_set. I need an ability to detect this attribute set's id programmatically in different installations. Maybe someone faced with task like this one and could give me the clue. Thanks

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This should give you what you need:


Additional info: The default attribute set id is stored in the table eav_entity_type for each entity. The sales related entities have this set to 0 because they are stored in flat tables now. But before ce- they were EAV also and had an attribute set.


A better answer would be this:


Marius's answer is also good, but only works for products and not for custom EAV models you may have created.

My answer works for all EAV types, including custom ones.

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