I hope you can help me out here.. I tried every possible solution given on the forum / internet, but nothing helps. Maybe I'm overseeing something here.

I'm using the default RWD template with magento 1.9.2 (incl. sample data). When you look at: http://www.kweekotheek.nl/nieuw2/kweeklampen/shirts.html you can see that it works ok.
Looking at http://www.kweekotheek.nl/nieuw2/kweeklampen.html you see it doesn't show up :(

The anchor option in the categories are the same ("Yes"). Cleared the cache, set it to "No" and back to "Yes", but nothing changes. It's almost a clean install (didn't work from the beginning).

Hope you guru's can help me out here :)

Thanks in advance!



Just go & update the settings from admin:

Catalog->Manage Categories-> Your category-> Custom Design-> Page Layout-> set "2 columns with left bar".

  • Thank you guys! This solved my 'problem' :) You're the best Qaisar and Credevator!! – Hielke Dec 13 '15 at 10:48

This is due to page design settings.
Your category where shop by options are not available is a 1column layout where shop by options will be listed in 2columns-left. Update the design settings and you are done.


You must select "Is Anchor = Yes" to every category you want to display layered navigation

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