A few days back I updated a magento shop from version 1.7 to 1.9.2 . I quickly realized that I had to convert all the old {{block }} shortcodes to widgets. This worked fine except for one case:

{{block type="catalog/product_featured" name="product_featured" as="product_featured" template="catalog/featured_pers.phtml}}

I can not figure out how to get this working in the new version.


Try using the helpful Magerun commands https://github.com/peterjaap/magerun-addons

  • n98-magerun dev:template-var - Find non-whitelisted vars/blocks to be compatible with SUPEE-6788 and Magento
  • n98-magerun.phar dev:old-admin-routing - Find extensions that use old-style admin routing (which is not compatible with SUPEE-67
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I quickly realized that I had to convert all the old {{block }} shortcodes to widgets

This is not necessary and won't work for all types of blocks (as you realized). What actually happened is that each block type used in {{block}} directives must be whitelisted first, for security reasons. This can be done in the admin panel under System > Permissions > Blocks.

See also: APPSEC-1057 How to add variables or blocks to the white list tables

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