Title is self explanatory. Recently I have changed all items of a certain brand as out of stock and the very next day a person purchased two product from this brand. My question is what could have caused this issue?

It is important to notice that

  • all items of this brand have 0 qty
  • all of them have stock vause as out of stock
  • I cannot see items from this brand on front end neither when browsing through categories nor when using search

Could a possible reason this could have happend be that a person had these items in their cart before I marked them as out of stock, or could he has purchased them via google cached page?

This has happened in the past and past research didn't give me much, so I created this question. Could not find any questions that would be similar too.


Magento will not allow you to change the Qty for Item's Status to Become Out of Stock option to go bellow 0. For more detail Just Check This link.

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