I have added one product to cart that price is 495 we are displaying product price including tax.but we are displaying subtotal exclude tax.

Product (V)             495.00
Sub-total               471.43
VAT @ 5%                23.57
Total                   495.00

The above tax calculating the sub total.That is default it is fine...

the tax for 471.43 vat is 23.57

But My aim is after applied discount i want calculate tax is not an subtotal i want to calculate total..

Product (V)           495.00
Sub-total             495.00
Discount              49.50 (minus)
VAT @ 5%              21.21
Total                 445.50

After discount apply i need to calculate vat i mean second one tax is 21.21. tax is calculating 445.50

How can I customize this in Magento

  • in config > sales > tax there is an option Apply tax after/before discount, you can change it there – Robin Dec 3 '15 at 15:22
  • it is ok but two differ ways i need after discount tax calculation is diifer before discount tax calculation is differ – Pawankumar Dec 4 '15 at 6:28

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