I'm trying to search for all the tags assigned to a particular product, and using this code to do so:

    $model = Mage::getModel('tag/tag');
    $prod_collection = $model->getResourceCollection()
        ->addProductFilter((int) $productId)
        ->setFlag('relation', true)
        ->addStoreFilter((int) $store['id'])

$store['id'] is 1, and $productId is 13065 (a product that I assigned a couple of tags directly using the backend).

The content of tag_relations if searching for product_id = 13065 is this: tag_relations

As you can see the product has a couple tags assigned on store = 1, and another one assigned on store = 9.

But the above search returns an empty set. I checked the produced SQL and I see that what I'm getting is:

SELECT `main_table`.*, `summary_store`.* FROM `tag` AS `main_table`
 LEFT JOIN `tag_relation` AS `relation` ON main_table.tag_id = relation.tag_id
 LEFT JOIN `tag_summary` AS `summary_store` ON main_table.tag_id = summary_store.tag_id 

 WHERE (main_table.status = 1)
    AND (`relation`.`product_id` = 13065)
    AND (summary_store.store_id IN (1))
    AND (relation.store_id IN (1))
    AND (relation.active = 1)

 GROUP BY `main_table`.`tag_id`, `main_table`.`tag_id`

And I see that it fails because the contents of tag_summary are: tag_summary

where apparently every summary line is stored with store_id = 0, instead of saving one line per store.

How can I change my search so it doesn't join against tag_summary, and only against tag_relations? Does the content of my tag_summary look alright, or should I have a summary line per each store view?


It would seem that the problem is that the corresponding summary lines aren't being generated. I created my tags using the admin, in Catalog->Manage Tags, and assigned the tags to arbitrary products, but it only creates the summary lines for Store ID 0... :(

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I ended up rewriting my search as:

$model         = Mage::getModel('tag/tag');
$tagCollection = $model->getResourceCollection()

$tagCollection->getSelect()->where('relation.store_id IN (?)', $store['id']);

I don't like this solution very much, and I still think something is wrong on how the summary lines are being saved, but can't find any documentation on how to proceed. Leaving this up until a better answer comes along.

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