magento controller indexaction method is working only other action method not working. when i change any method name to indexaction its other action is working. it irritate me.

http://localhost/magento/test/index {.....this url is working} http://localhost/magento/test/mamethode{.....this url is not working}

when i replace both method name with each other. In that case also indexaction is only working.

class Pfay_Test_IndexController extends Mage_Core_Controller_Front_Action
   public function indexAction()
     echo 'test index';
   public function mamethodeAction()
     echo 'test mymethod';

Magento use this pattern: moduleFrontName/controller/action In your case: test/index/index & test/index/mamethode

Your URL must be: http://localhost/magento/test/index/index http://localhost/magento/test/index/mamethode

  • thank you brice its working for me. i am too new. and read tutorial i can understand that i am reading tutorial which created for low version of magento. Dec 1 '15 at 2:46

It should be moduleFrontName/controller/action in your case

http://localhost/magento/test/index will find IndexController and automatically call index action

and for another method it should be


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