I swapped domains in the same server and I made the mistake that at first I put wrong base urls after moving http://domain not http://domain/myfolder and at first I did not clean cache and the var folder I added a bit later cause it was in .gitignore. My credentials in the local.xml are correct I think and new database stuff.

All works in the page - alltough -at first there was a redirect loop that I got rid of with changing web/url/redirect_to_base to 0 in database. The file rights are OK I think, I was changing them all 777 and got no success

ALL that uses XMLHttpRequest is not working and it is panic since the page should be live for 1. december :(

This is what I get from console:

XMLHttpRequest cannot load http://domain/myfolder/index.php/admin/catalog_category/edit/key/615802c44a2f15b66a4322a1f91934e2/?SID=j2q3l1jvbjgoi2lu8a2embpsf6&isAjax=true. Response for preflight is invalid (redirect)

and then XHR failed loading: POST "http://domain/myfolder//index.php/admin/catalog_category/edit/key/615802c44a2f15b66a4322a1f91934e2/?SID=j2q3l1jvbjgoi2lu8a2embpsf6&isAjax=true".

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So - the answer

I was missing www in the front of base urls. Some linux issue I was told. In the other domain it was working without somehow. So I am still WTF about it...

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