After a heavy upgrade to and re-downloading all modules, running supee-6788-toolbox and downloading a new version of the theme, I still run into problems.

In the renderd registration page I can't find form_key at all. So I thought I simply add: <input type="hidden" name="form_key" value="<?php echo Mage::getSingleton('core/session')->getFormKey() ?>" /> to the file app/design/frontend/default/em0121/template/customer/form/register.phtml since it didn't contain the form key.

Then deleting cache, reloading page but the formkey is still not showing up in the HTML code.

A search for sudo grep -r -i 'customer.form.register.newsletter' only yielded two findings and the default version contains the form_key already.

app/design/frontend/default/em0121/template/customer/form/register.phtml: getChildHtml('customer.form.register.newsletter')?> app/design/frontend/base/default/template/customer/form/register.phtml: getChildHtml('customer.form.register.newsletter')?>

Is it possible that my theme doesn't use the register.phtml if someone clicks on register? How can I find out which form phtml file is currently used on a page I'm looking at?


You need to alter this template: app/design/frontend/YOUR_PACKAGE/YOUR_THEME/template/persistent/customer/form/register.phtml

Since Magento introduce persistent mode some of templates related to customer info have been moved to persistent directory.

Hope this help,

  • Perfect - stumbled around until I saw your post. This Upgrade is really annoying me :-S Thank you very much. :) – Chris Nov 28 '15 at 10:37

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