I am trying to understand the way SOAP from Magento works, so I can use it from an external application.(Magento v1.9.2) So in order to use the web service from my third party application, I need a WSDL to interpret. How can I access the default Magento SOAP WSDL files?

Where are they?

For instance, I try to acces the SOAP methods from Delphi XE, and for that I need to import a WSDL file.

I searched the web for the SOAP API specifications and I found this:


as an example on how to access the SOAP from php...

But as I said from Delphi I need to import a WSDL in order to be able to work with the web service.

So how can I get a hold of the WSDL files?

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    Thanks, I already suceeded, but +1 for both versions of SOAP. However, for others that encounter my problem, make sure that, if you don't have friendly URL's enabled in magento, add index.php to the path, before /api Commented Nov 28, 2015 at 15:24

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