I've got a script that is extracting attributes and inserting them into my Magento installation. The problem is that one of the attributes has created hundreds of duplicate options.

If I set the option Use In Search Results Layered Navigation to NO and hit save, it complains that the admin value needs to be filled in. There are hundreds.

I want to disable this directly from the database so it doesnt show in the frontend and allow me to troubleshoot why this happened.

How do you disable layered navigation for a specific attribute from the database?


Update this field is_filterable_in_search in table catalog_eav_attribute for your attribute.

This SQL query should do the job:

UPDATE `catalog_eav_attribute`AS `cea`
INNER JOIN `eav_attribute` AS `ea`
ON `ea`.`attribute_id` = `cea`.`attribute_id`
SET `cea`.`is_filterable_in_search` = 0
WHERE `ea`.`attribute_code` = 'MY_ATTRIBUTE'

Hope this help,

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  • I didn't run the SQL query but just set is_filterable_in_search to 0 and it worked, thank you! – SR_Magento Nov 28 '15 at 11:10

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