I am trying to change the layout of home page to 2columns-left.phtml.

According to my understanding if I change the template file of the "root" block, in page.xml layout file, to the above template file then the layout should change. But it is not happening.

By default, as I can see, the root block has page/3columns.phtml template file applied in page.xml. But when I used template hints, I have seen that the page is rendering with 2columns-right.phtml.

So, I searched for page/2columns-right.phtml in every file and replaced it with page/2columns-left.phtml. Still the page is rendering the layout of page/2columns-right.phtml.

I made the above changes in catalogsearch.xml and catalog.xml files. (By overriding in my new theme folder).

what I am missing here?

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You can change the layout of the homepage from the backend. Cms->Pages->homepage and in the Design tab you should have a dropdown with all available layouts. Select from it 2 columns with left bar and save.


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