I have installed magento 2 with sample data using command line instructions. I can load the frontend without any problem. But when i load admin url, its getting redirected. Actual admin url: local.magento_2.com/admin_1kzjqv/, redirected url: http://local.magento_2.com/admin_1kzjqv/http:/index/local.magento_2.com/admin_1kzjqv/admin/index/index/key/dc29e0deb12bceefaf5d6b01551063e15e66b94a638e3915bf190b9d5d79743f/. Please help me in solving this.

  • Can you please give us more information about your environment? Also, how did you install? – Maddy Nov 24 '15 at 23:23

local.magento_2.com is not a valid domain name, and it is dangerous to use an invalid one.

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