I have started learning 1.9 two months ago but i have decided to start learning magento 2 instead because i heard that it is totally different world.

I have followed an Inchoo tutorial how to create a custom entity in 1.9 for blog (i done the same just for slider) but i have started to do it partly in magento 2 way. Module is successfully detected but it reports that i need to upgrade my database with command XY. After running command i get

There are no commands defined in the "setup" namespace.

Now i know that old install script does not work with magento 2.0, as far as i am noob to these official non step-by-step documentations i am searching for help here.

Actual install script looks like script for 1.9 magento


Can someone help me to migrate code and explain everything that i need to change?

Thank you

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There are no commands defined message hides some internal error: usually an error in composer.json or module.xml file:

  • thank you, there was error in xml now it starts to upgrade, actually its giving error to install script "[ErrorException] Undefined variable: this" also i found out that controllers also had huge changes so i am rewriting them to mage2 way, now i am just thinking if there is any change in custom eav entity Nov 21, 2015 at 22:33

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