I found some solutions but none complete or working for me.
So I have a main website, let's call it www.main1.com that has different views translated in different languages: german, italian and english.

What I would like is to redirect the german domain www.germandomain.com to the german view from www.main1.com.

Also I want to keep the views under one website so that the flags can appear in the header.

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If you just want a redirect, configure the redirect to go to


where 1 is the id of the German store view.

If you want the store view to run on the different domain (not just a redirect), you have to:

  • point all domains to the Magento document root
  • configure the base urls per store view
  • set the environment variable MAGE_RUN_CODE dependent on the host name.

    Example .htaccess configuration:

    SetEnv MAGE_RUN_TYPE store
    SetEnvIf Host germandomain\.com MAGE_RUN_CODE=german

    where german is the store code of the German store view.

  • configure "Use SID" to "Yes" if the user session should work across domains.

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