For example, I would like to edit app/code/core/Enterprise/Rma/etc/config.xml,I copied config.xml file to local/Enterprise/Rma/etc/config.xml and made changes but it didn't work.

I don't want to make any other changes to any other files of RMA module.

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You have to create a new module under local : Yourcompany_Rma

In this module, define a minimalist etc/config.xml with the XML rewrite you need :

                        <name>American Express</name>
                    </AE> [...]

And then in the app/etc/modules folder, add a new Yourcompany_Rma.xml (or Yourcompany_All.xml) with :


The depends node is vital because it will tell magento to load your XML after magento's one in order to your rewrite to work

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