I have trouble to setup a free shipping coupon in Magento The coupon itself will be applied successfully but the Free Shipping Method doesn't appear.

Actually I want to setup a coupon which enables (UPS) free shipping for all items.

I was wondering if I have to enable (any) Free Shipping Method first? But then Free Shipping will also show up if no Coupon got applied.

Do I miss something? Here are my configuration settings:

Shopping Cart Price Rules

Status: Active
Website: Main Website
Customer Groups: ALL
Coupon: Specific Coupon
Coupon Code: FREE1
Uses per Coupon:
Uses per Customer: 0
From Date:
To Date:

Condition: If ALL of these conditions are TRUE: Shipping Country is United States
Apply: Percent of product price discount
Discount Amount: 0
Maximum Qty Discount is Applied To: 0
Discount Qty Step (Buy X): 0
Apply to Shipping Amount: Yes
Free Shipping: For shipment with matching items
Stop Further Rules Processing: No

Shipping Methods:

Free Shipping 
Enabled: No

Enabled for Checkout: Yes
Free Method: UPS Ground
Free Shipping with Minimum Order Amount: Enable
Minimum Order Amount for Free Shipping: 100000000

Thank you very much!

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