hope someone can help me here

I have 30,000 email subscribers on our new Magento 1.9.1 CE store

It is taking a week to send out all the emails :( Can I speed up the send out by allowing more emails per Cron send?.. I have searched this on Google & found nothing specific..

What is doubly strange is an earlier Magento CE install 1.7 used to send out newsletters a lot faster.. since the 1.91 upgrade it seems to have gone very slow..

Aside from suggesting to me another newsletter sending service provider like MailChimp? I do like using the generic News sender in Magento.. I have seen Mailchimps statistics &they are great but not needed..

any ideas? I am free to any suggestions

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I believe it's hardcoded to 20 emails in this file.


public function scheduledSend($schedule)
    $countOfQueue  = 3;
    $countOfSubscritions = 20;

    $collection = Mage::getModel('newsletter/queue')->getCollection()

     $collection->walk('sendPerSubscriber', array($countOfSubscritions));

Of course the proper way to fix this would be to rewrite using a Magento module, but that requires programming experience.

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