Since I applied the SUPEE-6788 patch to my CE Magento installation, I can't access anymore the page of the admin "Newsletter > Newsletter queue". It results in a 404 error. The admin URL of that page is the following: http://domain.com/shop/index.php/admin/newsletter_queue/index/

I also fixed all other blocks & extension with the SUPEE-6788 Developer Toolbox (https://github.com/rhoerr/supee-6788-toolbox), but it cannot fix this specific problem.

Thx for your help, I cant send newsletters anymore...


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Finally resolved my problem, it was linked to an old version of the Tentura Newsletter Groups (http://shop.tentura.eu/magento-extensions/newsletter-groups.html). I updated the files with the last version and everything's running fine again.

To find that out, I modified the file


Around line 385, function getControllerFileName, I added


Just before the "return $file;" Then I could figure out what file was missing when I tried to access the page that was givig the 404 error.

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