I am using Magja, java soap api for magento. I want to filter orders by order id or any other property, also want to sort orders by ASC or DESC. But my current code is not working for that, I need help to sort this out, thanks in advance for any help. My current code for filter is below

TestOrder to = new TestOrder();
OrderFilter filter = new OrderFilter();
filter.getItems().add(new OrderFilterItem("state", "=", "new"));
filter.getItems().add(new OrderFilterItem("store_id", "=", "3"));
filter.getItems().add(new OrderFilterItem("order_id", "gt","300000065"));       
List<Order> list = to.service.list(filter);

Note: filters by state and store_id are working fine. But order_id/increment_id filters(gt, lt, eq etc) are not working at all.

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First of all calling this is wrong.

filter.getItems().add(new OrderFilterItem("order_id", "gt","300000065")); 

order_id does not exist. it is entity_id. And the value 300000065 looks like an increment_id value, not a table PK id.

This should work (I have no idea if you should use gt or > try them both).

filter.getItems().add(new OrderFilterItem("order_id", "gt","12"));  

As for filtering by the increment_id maybe you should take into account that the field is not numerical. it is varchar(50). Maybe this affects your filtering.

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