I am developing my e-commerce website (www.fashionnow.in). I want to change my home page URL key in CMS Pages. Here is current URL KEY Snap

enter image description here

I want to change this url key. Please help me to solve this proplem

  • Why do you want to change it and what do you want it to be?
    – MatthijsIJ
    Commented Nov 15, 2015 at 10:24

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You can change this URL Key in anything you'd like.

Because it is the home page we are talking about you will need to check a few additional things too.

  1. Go to System > Configuration > Web > Default Pages > CMS Home Page and make sure that the page that you just edited is selected as the Home Page for your store.
  2. Go to Catalog > URL Rewrite Management and set up a 301 Permant Redirect for this CMS page. This is necessary to prevent this page of being available under two different URLs (your stores Base URL and the URL Key that you have chosen) and avoid duplicate content.

Example: If your home page URL Key is home-page5 then set up the following URL Rewrite.

Type: Custom
ID Path: home-page5
Request Path: home-page5
Target Path: ../
Redirect: (Permanent 301)
Description: Redirect CMS home page to Base URL in order to prevent duplicate content

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