So here's the problem.

Store #1 sells music files and downloads. Product 1 I have a Music file that is offered with 3 different options to buy. 1. mp3 option 2. wav version 3. all rights (zipped) this includes all 3

Store #2 Same product - but with only 1 option for download I want to offer this same file but only offer the rights(zip) option 3- but all 3 options show up in store #2

The reason is, the customer will not need option #2 in the second store because it included in option 3

Store #2 will only sell the rights to the music, no reason to buy the mp3 or wav verions since the're included.

Does anyone have a solution? I'd really be grateful if this is possible.

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You would have to extend the downloadable_link table as well as the Model related to it. I think it would be enough to add a store_id value to the links and filter the links according to the selected store.

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