I have followed the instructions here on how to link Magento up to PHPUnit and THAT works.

I have created some custom shipping methods that, based on the order weight, order total, and a couple of custom attributes, will dictate which shipping method is available.

How do I add products to the cart and go through the checkout process using PHPUnit so that I can see which shipping method(s) is(are) available?

The idea being I would change the combination of products in the cart as needed without having to do it manually.

My function so far is:

public function testFirstMethod()
        $this->_model = new Company_CustomShippingMethod_Model_Carrier;
        $request = new Mage_Shipping_Model_Rate_Request();
        $response = $this->_model->collectRates($request);

        $this->assertEquals(FALSE, $response);

which passes as at this point there is no order and the model returns false.

So, how do I add products to the cart and go through the checkout process using PHPUnit?


Using the answer from programmatically adding product to cart returns empty price, I can add products using:

$quote = Mage::getSingleton('checkout/session')->getQuote();
$quote->addProduct($product, $qty);


How do I programmatically perform a checkout to get the shipping methods being returned by Magento?

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You could use EcomDev Framework to simulate those situations. http://www.ecomdev.org/ .

Just extend from a Ecomdev Test Case instead of PHPUnit and you are able to create Fixtures to fill your Database with your needs like getting a quote.

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