I have a site under development, and at some point the My Orders and Newsletter pages under My Account stopped working, and I cannot figure out why.

I turn on template hints, and it doesn't seem to be trying to load anything.
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I'm at a loss for how to identify where the conflict is. I've disabled any new modules but nothing helps. Any advice on how to debug this?

Edit: PHP memory_limit is 512M, tried 1024M but didn't change anything. I don't see anything in the apache log, or exception.log or system.log.

I installed Commerce Bug, and when I view Page Layout, I see that it doesn't have a 'content' area. On an older staging server (that works), I see:

<reference name="content">
  <block type="page/html_wrapper" name="my.account.wrapper" translate="label">
    <label>My Account Wrapper</label>
    <action method="setElementClass"><value>my-account</value></action>

The site where the page is broken doesn't have this block.

  • check for error log in var/log/ folder. – Qaisar Satti Nov 11 '15 at 4:48
  • More specifically, your webserver error log file. Blank screen = hard PHP fatal error, which will be logged in your webserver error log file. – ProxiBlue Nov 11 '15 at 6:26
  • When I tail /usr/local/apache/logs/error_log, I don't see any new errors. I cleared cache before checking. I do see some errors about denied connection to local.xml, so I think it's the right log file. I'm going to add some other clues to the issue. – Mason Nov 11 '15 at 12:04

Well, I didn't figure out the root cause, but came up with a solution anyway. The theme's xml file set the left block of customer_account already, so I added in the content reference code above and now it works. My best guess is there is a module overriding the content block of customer_account, so then re-declaring it in my theme overrides the override...

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