I've read through a lot of the posts about 404s after installing SUPEE 6788 and really have tried to replicate the steps for this extension (GTSpeed) but I have been unable to action the correct steps to get this working.

I hope someone can help me?

I used the SUPEE 6788 tool and it identified the following :

Found route tag 'gtspeed'. Original route XML:


To be replaced with:

         <gtspeed before="Mage_Adminhtml">GT_Speed_Adminhtml</gtspeed>

So I went ahead and did the above change to config.xml

Then it also identified:

ERROR: /home/psadmin99/public_html/ps-test/app/code/community/GT/Speed/controllers/Adminhtml does not exist! This module's admin routes must be corrected manually.

So I made the following folder and put the file that was once in the controllers folder into this new folder:


But I'm not sure what to do next?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

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Your folder name should be Gtspeed (note, uppercase G). The class name of that file will need to be corrected to Gt_Speed_Adminhtml_Gtspeed_InfoController.

After that, it's a question of fixing any routes that reference the old path. The old routes probably look like gtspeed/info, possibly with other stuff after. There are a lot of different places this could appear:

etc/adminhtml.xml in action tags
etc/config.xml in action tags
Any .php or .phtml file from the module containing getUrl(...)

You may also have to fix the admin layout handles, in app/design/adminhtml/default/default/layout/gtspeed.xml (or such). <gtspeed_info_ would become <adminhtml_gtspeed_info_.

...And you have to be careful to only change admin URL references, or you risk breaking frontend links or pages in the process. It's quite the process.

All the best.

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