Is it possible to bring the Customer attribute in the Shopping cart price rule section to make a conditions like catalog attributes are showing in the promotions page( use for Promo rule conditions).

  • In Magento enterprise is not provided same as product attribute, but it is provided Customer Segment functionality in customer attribute – Abdul Nov 10 '15 at 11:10

With Magento Enterprise you can do this but it requires 2 steps.

1. Customer segmentation

In the backend go to Customers > Customer Segments and create a new segment.

Choose a name, the websites it should be active on and make sure it's active. Now save and continue edit it and add conditions.

Here you can pick the attribute you want to filter on enter image description here

2. Shopping Cart rule

Now go to Promotions > Shopping Cart Price Rule in the top menu and create a new rule.

On the conditions tab you can choose Customer Segment as condition and pick the segment just created

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