Today went to to get new changes from the Magento repo in the develop branch. I'm using phpstorm.

Commands I used

git remote add mageblob [email protected]:magento/magento2.git
git fetch mageblob
git checkout dev <= this is my local dev
git merge mageblob/develop

Merge process go aborting and suggest me remove files in dev/tests var/.htaccess v.v..
How to fix it.
p/s: Btw this is best way to pull all code changes from repos? i'm newbie in git

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You have changes in local files. If you want to preserve local changes use:

git stash save
git merge mageblob/develop
git stash pop

see https://stackoverflow.com/questions/11675841/git-stash-merge-stashed-change-with-current-changes

If you don't need these changes just reset (be careful all non-committed changes will be lost):

git reset --hard
git merge mageblob/develop
  • Thanks for your response! which one is better when get latest code from remote repos? merge or pull
    – mrtuvn
    Nov 11, 2015 at 2:28
  • pull will perform a fetch and additionally merge or rebase the changes into your local branch depending on the configuration setting pull.rebase or branch.master.rebase. I use fetch and merge when I suspect non-fast-forward merge. And I use pull if my local code have no difference with same origin tree.
    – Alex
    Nov 11, 2015 at 15:02

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