I have a basic grid with edit and save:

├── Block
│   ├── Adminhtml
│   │   ├── Stores
            ├── Edit
                ├── Form.php
            ├── Grid.php
            ├── Edit.php
        ├── Stores.php
├── controllers
    ├── Adminhtml
        ├── StoresController.php

I want to add a button that will load another form. So insider Store.php I added the button:

                'label'     => 'Import CSV',
                'onclick'   => "setLocation('{$this->getUrl('*/stores/importfile')}')",
                'class'     => 'add',

and inside StoresController.php I started a new method for Module_Adminhtml_StoresController:

public function importfileAction()

But I am stuck now and don't know how to proceed.

When clicking on the Import CSV button you should go to a new form where you can upload a file. How should I proceed with the grid?

Thank you!

  • have you need file save code in StoresController.php?
    – Abdul
    Nov 10 '15 at 9:09
  • Sorry, but I don't understand your question Nov 10 '15 at 15:42

Add a form - read one of the many blog articles how to do it.

Then you can load this form using your controller importfileAction and handle the upload e.g. in importfilePostAction

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