I'm busy with changing the product view.phtml file but I want to do it in a way to override the current view.phtml. This because there might be a possability that the file gets overwritten during an update.

Is there anyone with an example on how this can be done in my custom extension?

Many thanks again.



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Overriding the view.phtml with a custom module doesn't give us much to go off, however, if you're looking to just override what a certain function or add a function to the product page, you can look to extend the core View.php file in the following path:


to do this using a custom module (Sounds like this is what your trying to do) create a config.xml file for your module and rewrite the View Block like so:

<?xml version="1.0"?>

Thats the config out the way, it is pretty self explanatory, declare your module name / version, and then inside the Global node declare the Block(s) you wish to overwrite, in our case its Mage_Catalog_Block_Product_View, notice how our class uses the same Class name just with out Namespace_Module replacing the core.

So you now want to create your block file which will be in:


Here you will extend the core class, therefore inheriting the functionality, now we can add/change functions declared in the core file. To change a function in the core file, for example if you wanted to rewrite the function for getProductDefaultQty() you would do the following:


class Some_Module_Block_Product_View extends Mage_Catalog_Block_Product_View

    public function getProductDefaultQty($product = null)
        some code to do what you want

    public function customFunction()
        look this is my own function which i can now call inside view.phtml!


As you can see above its pretty easy to over write a core file and either rewrite a core function or even add your own.

Couple of last things your module requires to work, you will need to create a module file within app/etc/modules which will be named Some_Module.xml and will contain the following:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

This is telling magento that your module is active and inside the codePool node its telling Magento our module is at app/code/local it can also be set to community, simply telling magento to look in app/code/community.

There is a whole lot more you can do when overriding and i have only touched on it, you could add your own layout file to declare a new template file for View.phtml if you really wanted to, this is all very easy and can be achieved by adding a couple more line to your modules config.xml file.

There is plenty out there for further reading, Alan Storm is a great help to any Magento developer starting out, we all know it can be a steep learning curve, check his articles out on his site:

Alan Storm

Another top site for tutorials and further reading on Magento is Inchoo:


Hope this has helped you on conquering the beast which is Magento, if you need any help just comment, i'll be glad to help,



this is the very magento-Standard

Go to System > Configuration > Design

Type a package name let's say "mytheme"

In file structure open a folder called "mytheme" in /app/design/frontend/

copy the path structure down to the desired .phtml file.

That's roughly about it. This procedure is well documented here: http://info2.magento.com/rs/magentoenterprise/images/magentodesignguide.pdf

  • Hi guys, Thanks for answering. I wil check the info out and post back. Cheers, Steve Commented Jan 28, 2016 at 23:39

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