I want to override the form container in import section of admin. here is my config.xml :


and also in Company/Editimport/Block/Adminhtml/Import/Edit.php I have:

 class Company_Editimport_Block_Adminhtml_Import_Edit extends
 Mage_ImportExport_Block_Adminhtml_Import_Edit {
     public function getHeaderText()
     { // changing the header of page
         return Mage::helper('importexport')->__('check if it changes');

It does not work, I checked all things for thousand times, What am I missing here?


You will most likely need to override the container class (Mage_Adminhtml_Block_Widget_Form_Container) itself, and be sure to define a unique block name or else it won't initiate, see:

You can also try to use an observer instead of rewriting, there is an event: adminhtml_widget_container_html_before in the container class you could also observe as a cleaner approach.

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