I have a recurring profile set up for a product with a 2-weeks trial period configured as follows:

  • Trial Billing Period Unit = 2 weeks
  • Trial Billing Frequency = 1
  • Maximum Trial Billing Cycles = 1
  • Trial Billing Amount = 9$

The product in itself costs 18$. So what I want is that the Trial Billing Amount always amounts to 50% of the product price. Eg: if you order 2 of that product, your Trial Billing Amount should be 18$ (out of a total price of 36$); if you order 4 of that product, your Trial Billing Amount should be 36$, etc.

And yet, it appears that Magento does not adjust the TBA according to the ordered quantity. So regardless of the number of products my customers order, their TBA is always 9$.

Would anybody happen to know how to make the TBA dependent on product quantity?


PD: I've tried to enter the TBA as a percentage (you never know...) but of course it did not work.

  • I have done some recent custom work with recurring profiles. What you would need to do is make changes to your payment gateway. I have been using Cryzonic Stripe's modules. I hope this helps. Mar 20, 2017 at 21:20
  • i have also same issue on this. I have also used the extension of cryzonic stripe's subscription. Any solution ?? Apr 29, 2017 at 14:06


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