The title speaks for itself.

I'm not able to configure magmi column mapper plugin for writing only one csv cell for attributes that are having the same value. IE: image, small_image and thumbnail or name and product_name.

So, can anyone tell me how to do this? I want my CSV file to be as clean and optimized as it can be made.


You better use plugin "value replacer" for this purpose.

Column mapper has a bit different aim - to map columns. For example if your supplier's csv has a column for "ean" and you want it to map to "sku".

As for value replacer, here is how it's done:

Replaced attributes: small_image,thumbnail

small_image: {{ '{item.small_image}' == '' ? '{item.image}' : '{item.small_image}'}}
thumbnail: {{ '{item.thumbnail}' == '' ? '{item.image}' : '{item.thumbnail}'}}

This will make small_image and thumbnail similar to "image" field unless explicitly assigned.


If you wish to stay with Column Mapper you may just enter all three columns image,small_image,thumbnail into the New name for col Image field. It works on Column mapper v0.0.3.


tzvi's answer is correct. This is an attempt to improve. This plugin has 2 behaviors. You can rename a column or replicate a column.


Colums Mapped list: full_name

New name for col name: name

You will be changing the name of the column.


Colums Mapped list: name

New name for col name: name, short_description

You're keeping the name's column (name) and also duplicating the column with a new name (short_description)

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