I need to create an observer for the event of store switching. Basically I need to do some stuff when the visitor switches storeviews/stores. Where can I find that event?

I cant identify it in this Cheatsheet

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You can use the general event controller_action_predispatch.
This is dispatched for every page called.
In your observer you can check if there is a parameter called ___store sent through GET.
If it is, then the store is switched.
You can get that value like this:


Of course you may get false positives if someone simply adds that parameter in GET manually, but I don't know any other method to check this.
There is no special event dispatched when the store is changed / initialized because this happens very early in the request. It happens in Mage_Core_Model_App::_checkGetStore that is called in the init method in the same class.


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