Today I applied patch SUPEE-6788, and I noticed that the static block on my home page disappeared.

I have checked in admin side, i have used {{block type="catalog/product_list" category_id="10".. and {{block type="responsivebannerslider/index" name="responsivebannerslider_index" ..

Similarly i have used so many block in my Magento sites.

I have read on google and find the solution to manually add these blocks in System -> Permissions -> Blocks.

Ok, I have manually added two "catalog/product_list" and "responsivebannerslider/index", and it is working fine.

But my problem is, i don't know how many block i have added in my magento sites. It is not possible for me to manually add these block in System -> Permissions -> Blocks.

How to solve this issue?

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This tool box will help ypu , but do a through research before using it , i have no used it (and i never use these scripts as well ) but since you dont want to go through the pain of whitelisting every block

php -f fixSUPEE6788.php -- fixWhitelists

Might do the trick for you


You can use this addon for Magerun: https://github.com/peterjaap/magerun-addons#find-non-whitelisted-varsblocks-to-be-compatible-with-supee-6788-and-magento-1922 to find all used custom blocks and variables. See also your duplicated post on Stack Overflow: https://stackoverflow.com/q/33433109/622945

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