I am importing some products. Generally this works fine and when it does raise an error, I skip that item because I handle it using try / catch. I have an issue sometimes though where the catch isn't triggered despite an error being raised.

For instance, one product threw an error here in Catalog\Product\Type\Configurable.php with this line:

foreach ($this->getConfigurableAttributes($product) as $attribute) {
            $this->getProduct($product)->setData($attribute->getProductAttribute()->getAttributeCode(), null);

basically it was reporting that $attribute was null (and it threw the error when debugging using xdebug) however, instead of then going into my catch code, it just stopped the script. I have already fixed the issue that caused this BUT I need to know how to catch things like this and skip / log the item, not just stop the script.

Can anyone lend some advice please?

  • Hmm, turns out it's raising a PHP Fatal error which is the actual issue.
    – webnoob
    Oct 2, 2013 at 9:32

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Fatal Error's will cause the Magento error handling and any other Error handling to fail. This is by design in PHP. With that in mind, I am now logging the errors using a shutdown event.

register_shutdown_function(array($this, "fatalErrorHandler"));
function fatalErrorHandler() {
    $error = error_get_last();

    if($error !== null) {
        //Do some primitive logging

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